South actress thought commitng suicide-Rahul gandhi saved...

Divya Spandana, the famous actress of South Cinema, has also been a former member of the Lok Sabha. divya has faced tremendous ups and downs in professional as well as personal life. Recently divya has spoken openly on this. divya told that she went into depression after her father's death. She used to have thoughts of suicide. divya tells that congress leader rahul gandhi helped her a lot in this bad time. According to divya, rahul gandhi supported her emotionally.

South actress divya Spandana, who was the spokesperson of congress, has expressed the pain of losing her father in a recent interview. She said in the kannada talk show - 'I had reached parliament just two weeks after losing my father. I neither knew anyone nor did I know anything. I didn't even know anything about the functioning of the Parliament. Spandana told that she learned everything slowly and she immersed herself in work to reduce her pain. She says that the people of Mandya also gave her confidence.

Divya told that there was a time when she used to have thoughts of suicide. The actress told that after her father's death, when she lost the election too, she went into depression and started thinking of suicide. During that period, she got a lot of emotional support from rahul Gandhi. divya says that 'my mother is the biggest inspiration in my life. After that my father and on the third number is rahul Gandhi. divya had joined youth congress in 2012. She was associated as the social media head of the congress, but later she gave up the post. 

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