Russia's next target is 'food'..!? World countries panic..!?

After the war on ukraine, the world realized how much russia dominates the international trade market. In particular, european countries have been buying enough crude oil, gas, and other crude oil products at high prices until today. It is no exaggeration to say that Russia's crude oil is the most important reason for the european economic recession. In this situation, russia has taken up the next weapon, which is worse than crude oil, if not more. russia is now trying to seize the supply of the international food market and bring it under its control.
The Russian government has captured the country's entire food trading market by expelling the world's largest food trading companies from Russia. Since the start of the ukraine war, many leading foreign companies have left russia due to orders from their respective countries, the world's largest food trading companies, Cargill, Viterra, and Archer-Daniels. -Midland Co did not leave. Cargill and Viterra left all their businesses and assets in russia after being faced with severe pressure from the Russian side since December. Following this, Archer-Daniels-Midland Co is looking for a way out of Russia.In this situation, by seizing the trade and assets of 3 foreign companies, Russian companies, and Russian government companies have captured a large part of the international grain export trade. While russia has gained a huge dominance in the international market, it is going to bring the supply and price under its control. In the future, it is going to earn more income not only through crude oil but also from the grain export market. The fear of the world is that russia can use this as an instrument. russia will be able to supply more to its allies, while also reducing supply to its adversaries altogether. About 14 percent of Russia's total grain production was held by two companies, Cargill and Viterra. This is a big problem for America, Europe, and other G7 countries that depend on Russian grains. The G7 countries have already fixed the price level of 60 dollars for Russia's crude oil.

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