20 Saiva Atheenams from tamil Nadu had come to delhi to present the scepter of the new parliament Building in person. Then they also went to delhi tamil Sangh and offered blessings.

In the speech given by Perur Atheenam at the event given by Arulasi, it is wonderful that the statue of Tiruvalluvar has been installed at the entrance of the Sangha according to the words "Tamil Nadu, where Valluvan has given himself to the world". It seems that this association was started in the year 1946 to welcome the liberation of the country. The Association has the honor of witnessing the coral festival for 75 years, which started before independence.

It is commendable to establish a foundation and provide scholarships through it, and to develop mutual interest in art, music and drama. tamil Sangam is tirelessly doing many works like publishing books, honoring and appreciating artists from various fields. Wherever our prime minister Modi goes, he says that tamil is the oldest language. It is fitting that he has been given the scepter now. My best wishes and thanks to the delhi tamil Sangh as it marches towards the century.

Kunrakkudi Atheena Swamy, who spoke next, said in his speech, "Parukule Nalla Nadu", according to the lines of Bharati, the people of the world are thanking the prime minister who installed the scepter in the parliament, praying for the perfection of our nation. He sang that we have achieved blissful freedom in slave India. Independence in 1947 was not an easy victory. There were teardrops, violence, methods of suppression and methods of oppression in the war of independence. In 1947, Nehru was given the scepter after the independence of tamil Nadu as a symbol of tamil Nadu's great contribution to independence.

Reviving it again, the scepter was installed in the parliament of india to sing "Arasalvar Aani Namade" in front of the abbots of tamil Nadu. We all the people of the world are obliged to thank the prime minister with the spirit of Bharati. Everyone is a clan, everyone is a race, everyone is the king of this country, my best wishes and thanks to our prime minister and to the delhi tamil Sangh.

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