The tamil Nadu government has informed that 321 child laborers have been rescued and rehabilitated in one year.

To make tamil Nadu a child labor free state, the Labor Welfare and Skill Development minister C.V. organized a training workshop for all departmental officers. Ganesan started today. In a statement released by the government in this regard, the tamil Nadu government is taking various measures to eliminate child labor completely and make tamil Nadu a child labor free state.

The government of tamil Nadu has set a precedent for other states in eliminating child labor by developing a state action plan and standard operating procedures for the smooth implementation of the Child and Adolescent Labor (Prevention and Regulation) Act, 1986. Legal and enforcement action is taken against those who employ children. 321 children have been rescued and rehabilitated from 1.4.2022 to 30.04.2023. During the above period, 224 cases have been convicted and a fine of Rs.48,28,000 has been imposed.

In eradicating child labour, participation of various sectors is mandatory. Considering this, the tamil Nadu government issued an order to conduct a state-level training workshop in order to benefit various sectors in eliminating child labour. Based on this, the minister today inaugurated a state-level training workshop with various departments," it said.

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