Make cycling a part of everyone's life as it offers several health advantages, including strength, endurance, and stamina. This is one of the finest methods to stay active and healthy. But motorbikes have displaced the lightweight, user-friendly bicycles, leading to health problems and increasing carbon emissions.
Every year on june 3, people all around the world commemorate World Bicycle Day to once again encourage the use of bicycles and to promote fitness. Several cycling clubs and enthusiasts are starting projects in hyderabad to support cycling as a sustainable form of transportation.

If the office is within a 5-kilometer radius of where individuals live, hyderabad Cyclists Group founder Ravinder Nandanoori advises leaving motorbikes at home and cycling to work at least once a week. Cycling to work minimizes carbon footprints since there are no emissions, which helps to create a cleaner, greener world. Cycling is not only environmentally beneficial, but it also has several positive health effects. It assists in weight control, strengthens bones, boosts mood, and increases blood circulation.

"I ask the government to develop a program encouraging individuals to travel to work by bicycle at least once every week. Those who live close to their offices can use a cycle, but not everyone can get to work that way, according to the enthusiastic cyclist.

Bicycle Santhana Selvan, the mayor of hyderabad, states that in order to alleviate traffic problems and meet the requirements of the expanding population, hyderabad must adopt active mobility. Active mobility, which encourages individuals to utilise many forms of transport for commuting, such as walking, cycling, and public transit, was his innovative approach. "One should use public transport if the distance is greater than 5 km, cycle to cover a distance of 1 km, and walk to cover a distance of 1 km," he advises. Selvan thinks that one of the reasons people don't use bicycles for city transport is the absence of enough parking spaces. He urges the government to develop suitable bike infrastructure.

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