Special arrangements have been made by the chennai Metropolitan police to help the passengers coming to chennai who were involved in the odisha train accident and take them to the hospital.

News Note: Two express trains collided with a freight train at Balasur, odisha, causing damage to coaches, loss of life and injuries. Special arrangements have been made by the police Department at the Central airport to help injured passengers coming to Chennai.

Chennai Metropolitan police Commissioner shankar Jiwal ordered that a team of chennai Metropolitan police Officers has been attached to work with a team of government officials in the Disaster Recovery Control Room (DRC). In order to help the said passengers, the Disaster Recovery Center in chennai has called helpline no. 94458 69843, Railway Helpline No. 90035 11919 and odisha Helpline No. 94422 35375 are provided.

Special Arrangements at Central Station: As passengers from tamil Nadu and other states who traveled in the train that crashed are coming to chennai by air and other trains, chennai airport and Dr. Revolution leader M.G.R. A team led by chennai Metropolitan police Inspector in collaboration with the Railways and tamil Nadu Railway police (GRP) is working round the clock at the Special Assistance Center set up at the Central Railway Station.

Traveling by train, chennai, Dr. Revolution leader M.G.R. To assist passengers returning to Central Station, Deputy Commissioner of Flower Shop, chennai Metropolitan police, Shreya Gupta, (Cell No.94982 33333), headed by Assistant Commissioner of Flower Shop, balakrishna Prabhu (Cell No.94440 33599) and Liaison Officer/C -1 Pookadai police station Inspector Thalavaisamy (Cell No.98409 76307) and police team will be ready at Central Railway Station. Also, the police team is on duty 24 hours a day on a rotational basis.

A police team headed by RGGGH, Assistant Inspector Ramesh (Cell No.94442 06868) and Special Assistant Inspector Anandi (Cell No.94981 32395) has been formed at rajiv gandhi government General Hospital to provide immediate treatment to the injured passengers. Also, passengers who need assistance at Central railway station can contact 044-2342454 and 94981 00211.

Dr. Revolution leader M.G.R. Help can be obtained by contacting Central railway station Control No.044-25330952 and 044-25330952.

Special Arrangements at the Airport: Passengers traveling in the train accident in odisha will be provided with necessary assistance by the special control team of the police on arrival at the chennai airport. For this, helpline number 94981 00151 has been provided by chennai Metropolitan police at chennai Airport.

Special arrangements have been made by police vehicles under the leadership of traffic police officers to treat the passengers who have returned to chennai airport, to take seriously injured passengers back to chennai to the hospital in an ambulance vehicle, and to take them quickly on the Green corridor route to avoid traffic congestion.

To ensure that the passengers travel to their destinations in taxis and autos without any hindrance and to ensure that passengers are not overcharged in autos and taxis, the police team led by the traffic police officers has been instructed to engage in intensive monitoring and provide appropriate assistance.

The public is requested to contact the chennai Metropolitan police Control Room No.044-23452359, tamil Nadu police Control Room No.100, Emergency Helpline No.112 and report any grievances in case of need of assistance to the passengers traveling in the above accident train.

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