A Times Square billboard featured images of rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo yatra before his sunday meeting with the indian diaspora at the Javits Centre in New York. rahul gandhi is in the US for six days. He began his stay in san francisco and finished his studies in Washington, D.C.

The congress leader has criticised the Modi-led administration during his US tour over concerns of press freedom, the status of the indian economy, discrimination, unemployment at a 40-year high, and even the opening of the new parliament building during his contacts in san francisco and Washington, D.C.

Rahul Gandhi's Bharat Jodo yatra was included in a montage on one of the Times Square billboards. In order to make rahul Gandhi's event at the Javits Centre a success, a number of congress officials, including telangana congress chairman A. revanth Reddy, rajya sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda, party spokeswoman Alka Lamba, and others, have also travelled to New York.

The Congressman will also attend a luncheon sponsored by Indian-American entrepreneur Frank islam with prominent business figures, senators, and congressmen before his trip to New York. He will attend a luncheon event, speak to a crowd, and meet with Harvard Club intellectuals and a number of successful Indian-Americans in the creative business during his two-day visit to New York.

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