Chief minister Stalin, who attended the launch of Vikadan and the artist's book, gave advice to the press. chief minister Stalin attended the launch of the book “Kalaignar 100 - Vikadan and Artist” on behalf of Vikadan Group at Kalaivanar Arena, Chennai. The book was published by chief minister M.K.Stalin and actor kamal haasan got it. Speaking further, chief minister Stalin said, "As an artist who has multifaceted abilities as a journalist - writer - political personality - film world storyteller - theater actor - small screen narrator, it is appropriate that all the people from the media sector admire him." He mentioned that. 'Maperum tamil Kanaam' produced by 'The Hindu' Group about Perarirjar Anna. Similarly, we are seeing the 'Artist 100' book by Vikatan on these platforms, like 'Terku Toto Eru Suryyan', which was made about the artist, and we are going to see it on all platforms from now on. chief minister Stalin asked everyone to buy and read this book. Also, chief minister Stalin spoke about the closeness of DMK and Vikatan and the friendship between artist karunanidhi and Vikatan. "If there is a companionship, Balu and I are an example of how love, friendship and pure affection can exist between two people despite all political differences and differences of opinion." chief minister Stalin mentioned that artist karunanidhi had written.
Speaking further, chief minister Stalin said, "Write and support the good projects being implemented by a government. Only by writing like that, even when you criticize, will it have real value and respect.” He requested the press companies. “If you write only criticizing and not supporting anything, those criticisms will have no value. The virtue of a neutral press is to support what is right and point out criticism if there is one! tamilnadu media should act accordingly.” chief minister Stalin also asked. “For the country, for the people of the country, for this society, for this race. Why, today democracy, secularism, brotherhood and social justice are under crisis. We will face this politically and prevent it. But, that alone is not enough. The fourth pillar of democracy, to be admired, is the press. So, you have to do your duty.” chief minister Stalin also asked.
Also, "Be it the supreme court or the election Commission, at this time when all the political and legal systems are under crisis, the duty to protect democracy - thereby protecting india - lies with the press, which is the fourth pillar. Journalism has a future only if democracy is preserved.” chief minister Stalin pointed out.

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