The central government has advised indians and indian students in canada to be cautious. india and canada are at loggerheads over Khalistan separatists. Pro-Khalistan organizations are active in Canada. india has declared these groups as banned organizations. Khalistan terrorists are demanding a separate state for Sikhs in India. By emphasizing this, the supporters of Khalistan in canada are accused of continuing to engage in activities against India. india has been urging the Canadian government to take action against the activities of Khalistan terrorists. Meanwhile, they staged a protest in front of the indian Embassy in canada last March. As a follow-up, the leader of the Khalistan tiger Brigade and terrorist Hardeep Singh Nizar was gunned down in canada a few months ago. Khalistan supporters in canada put up a poster saying that India's ambassador to canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma, and apoorva Vastava, the deputy consul in Toronto, were involved in the murder. This issue caused a lot of controversy. Earlier, in 2020, india declared Hardeep Singh Nijjar, the leader of the Khalistan tiger Force, as a terrorist for planning to kill a Hindu priest in Punjab.
In this background, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau came to india to attend the G20 Summit. As a result, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, speaking in the Canadian Parliament, accused the indian government of being behind the murder of Khalistan leader Hardeep Singh Nijar, and canada also expelled the indian ambassador. Also, the Canadian government has warned Canadians living in india to be careful due to the threat of terrorist attacks. The indian government, which denied Canada's allegations, retaliated by ordering Canada's ambassador to india to leave the country. Due to this incident, Canada-India relationship has become strained and tension is prevailing.
In this situation, the central government has advised indians and indian students in canada to be alert and aware. In the warning message issued in this regard, "Given the growing anti-Indian activities and politically acceptable hate crimes and criminal violence in canada, all indian citizens and travelers there are requested to exercise extreme caution." It has been reported. indian consular officials and members of the indian community who oppose anti-Indian elements are targeted and threatened. Therefore, indian nationals are advised to avoid traveling to areas and possible destinations in canada where such incidents have occurred. To ensure the safety and well-being of the indian community in canada, indian consular officers are in constant contact with Canadian authorities. As the security situation in canada continues to deteriorate, indian students in particular are advised to be extra cautious and vigilant.
Indian nationals and students from india in canada should register online at the indian Embassy, Consulate in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver at their respective Embassy or online at This will help indians living in canada to contact them in case of any emergency or untoward incidents, according to a press release issued by the central government.
It may be noted that earlier, the Khalistan separatist leader in canada, Gurpadwant Singh Pannu, had publicly threatened all Hindus in canada to leave the country and go to India.

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