In the Ghosi assembly by-election, SP candidate sudhakar Singh won by a record number of votes. He

defeated BJP’s dara singh Chouhan by 42,759 votes. There is an atmosphere of happiness in the SP camp due

to the spectacular victory of sudhakar Singh. Celebration and felicitation ceremony continues. sudhakar Singh

is also accepting the greetings of the public. A felicitation ceremony was organized today under the

chairmanship of SP chief Akhilesh Yadav. Winning candidate sudhakar Singh, workers and SP leaders were

present in the felicitation ceremony. akhilesh yadav welcomed sudhakar Singh by covering him with a shawl.

akhilesh yadav welcomed sudhakar Singh

akhilesh yadav, elated with Ghosi’s victory, congratulated the winning candidate sudhakar Singh. He gave the

credit of SP’s victory to the workers and Ghosi residents. While heartily congratulating the victorious

candidate, SP workers and the people of Ghosi, akhilesh yadav took a dig at the bjp government. He said that

Ghosi’s victory is against inflation and unemployment. Troubled people have expressed their anger against BJP

by stamping on the bicycle. He said, The cycle will continue. Will keep moving forward.

Ghosi’s victory is against inflation, unemployment'

Let us tell you that dara singh Chauhan had contested the 2022 assembly elections on SP ticket. Dara Singh

Chauhan reached the assembly after winning the election by 22 thousand votes. There is disappointment in the

NDA camp due to the defeat of dara singh Chauhan. akhilesh yadav had made the contest interesting by

entering the Ghosi by-election field. Ghosi’s seat had become a question of prestige for the NDA. Chief

Minister yogi Adityanath, ministers, MLAs and the coalition army took the lead in favor of Dara Singh

Chauhan. SP raised the issue of election rigging and misuse of government machinery. sudhakar Singh was

successful in becoming a member of the assembly by defeating bjp candidate dara singh Chauhan by a huge


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