Discussion is going on regarding the Women’s Reservation Bill in the new parliament House. On the very first

day, the central government introduced the Women’s Reservation Bill in the lok sabha house during the

special session. Modi government has named the women’s reservation bill as Nari shakti Vandan Act-2023.

Since the introduction of the bill, rhetoric from various parties has also started. Meanwhile, Aam Aadmi Party

has also given a statement and made its stand clear on this bill.

In a statement from the Aam Aadmi party, it was said that in the parliament they will question the Modi

government on the nature and implementation of this bill. The party said, We will stand by the INDIA

alliance’s decision on the Women’s Reservation Bill. During the discussion in parliament, you MPs will ask

questions to the government on the nature of the bill and its implementation. The party will support it at the

time of voting on the bill.

sanjay singh told Jumla

AAP’s rajya sabha MP sanjay singh wrote on social media, Modi ji, for how long will you fool the women

of the country? Not a single promise of yours has been fulfilled. This women’s reservation bill will not be

implemented in the next 20 years. Stop throwing phrases. If your intentions are clear, then implement the

Women’s Reservation Bill in 2024. Otherwise, take back this Stupid women Bill.

sanjay singh said that it is not known when it will be implemented, whether it will be implemented or not. The

bill passed in the rajya sabha has not lapsed, it should have been passed in the Lok Sabha. But he prepared a

Jumla Bill and said that there will be census, delimitation and then it will be implemented. It is not known

whether the census will be held in 2031 and whether it will be implemented in 2034.

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