Reportedly the biggest promise of women's rights has been fulfilled. chief minister M. K. stalin has said that bjp is a party that cannot fulfill its promises. A meeting of DMK polling agents of coimbatore zone was held at Kangeyam in Tirupur district. tamil Nadu chief minister and DMK President MK stalin participated in this meeting and spoke. Speaking then, he said, "The first duty of the polling agents is to check the voter list.

Know thoroughly about every voter in the polling booth,” he advised the DMK. Continuing, he said, "BJP has not fulfilled any of its promises in the last 10 years. The Union government is a looting government claiming that there is insufficient balance in the bank account for women's rights.

Prime minister Modi cheated by claiming employment for 2 crore youths every year. He asks the youth to sell baguettes. Tirupur has been badly affected by demonetisation, GST and wrong economic policies. bjp has kept AIADMK in the alliance by scaring it. AIADMK-BJP are pretending to fight. If you support AIADMK, bjp will also have to take responsibility for their corruption. If the elections are held along with the assembly elections, the AIADMK will disappear.

BJP, which is in power for the second time at the centre, will not come to power for the third time. chief minister M. K. stalin criticized AIADMK and bjp saying that bjp cannot even buy deposits in tamil Nadu.

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