Reportedly Women’s Reservation Bill has been passed in lok sabha and Rajya Sabha. This bill was discussed in the

rajya sabha on Thursday. During this, the opposition side has presented its views. In this episode, Rajya

Sabha mp from Samajwadi party jaya bachchan also expressed her views. During this, Jaya Bachchan

supported the Women’s Reservation Bill and said that SP had never opposed it. We have always talked about

reservation in reservation.

While presenting her views in the House, jaya bachchan, while referring to the women who came to the

Visitor’s gallery in the House, said that I did not want to bring this matter in the House. When you said that

girls were sitting in the gallery, then after that you talked about my career. Nirmala ji also talked, I did not

pursue that matter further. My personal experience is that when I went out the day before yesterday and

yesterday, many women were coming to the Parliament. They all told me that we are your fans but are

supporters of BJP. I did not want to bring it in the House, but now I am forced to tell it.

Taunted about the new Rajya Sabha

During this time, jaya bachchan also took a jibe at the new rajya sabha and said in a humorous manner that

if there is something good in this 7 star hotel, Mr. Chairman, it is your chair which moves back and forth.

Chairman jagdeep dhankhar also laughed at this. Regarding women’s reservation, the SP mp said that who

are we to give reservation to women, we have the courage so we came here, our leaders brought us, I don’t

know what those who should be brought are doing.

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