In delhi, aam aadmi party leaders protested at the party office regarding water bill. During this, the reaction of delhi Government minister Saurabh Bhardwaj has come to light. He said that the delhi government has been elected by 2 crore people of Delhi. The chief minister has been elected by the people, if the chief minister wants to bring any scheme for the public, then who are the officers to stop him? Who is the bharatiya janata party to stop them? What does lg mean by stopping this? These people are working against the public, the chief minister is working for the public.

‘BJP mp candidates will not be able to go to ask for votes’

If the public does not get relief then the mp candidates of bharatiya janata party will not be able to go to people's homes to ask for votes. Nor will they be able to hold meetings. people will go to their MPs with their bills and ask them what to do with these bills. aam aadmi party is raising the voice of the people. bharatiya janata party will be warned not to get involved in this, do not work against the public.

cm kejriwal also reacted

delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal said that delhi Jal Board has passed the plan. Now this scheme will have to be passed in the cabinet. bjp has asked delhi lg to stop this scheme. Officials have been threatened. cm kejriwal claimed that when ministers Saurabh Bhardwaj and Atishi called the officials and asked why they were not bringing the bill. Then the officials said that we have been threatened that if this scheme comes to the cabinet, they will be suspended. Just like manish Sisodia and Satyendra Jain are in jail, you will also put the officers in jail by filing false cases of ED, CBI.

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