Raghu Ramakrishnan Raju gained significant popularity among the people as a ycp rebel mp in the 2019 elections. After distancing himself from the ycp party, he intended to contest on a bjp ticket as the narasapuram MP. However, due to some reasons, he did not get the ticket. With the help of Chandrababu, he joined the tdp again and is now going to contest as an mla from the Undi assembly seat.

Raghuram is confident that he will win with a huge majority in Undi and has informed that the coalition government will come to power in Andhra Pradesh. Recently, on a YouTube channel, Raghuraju Krishnamraju said that he is playing an important role as a tdp mla, but this time he was addressing whether he will appear as a speaker.

 It seems that Raghurama harbours hope for a significant position. Particularly, the campaign to give the post of home minister to Raghurama has started in this background. However, Raghurama just laughed and enjoyed the matter. He expressed his happiness that tdp has given him the ticket even in such difficult circumstances. He also revealed that if their government comes to power, they will severely punish wrongdoers. Judging by this, it seems that Raghurama also harbours hopes for the post of home Minister. 

As raghuram is currently contesting as a tdp candidate, it seems that Chandrababu has discussed with Rama Raju, who was a candidate there in the past, and given him the seat. Many people are saying that ramaraju should file his nomination and campaign as an MLA. Along with this, he should win, and then the tdp alliance should be formed. Only then would he get the post of a minister.

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