What is the history of the Jakhu temple?

The world-famous Jakhu temple is situated in shimla at an altitude of about 8 thousand 048 feet. The idol of Lord Hanuman is installed in this temple. Devotees come not only from the country but also from abroad to have darshan of Lord Hanuman. It is believed that during the Ram-Ravana war in Treta Yuga when lakshman became unconscious due to Meghnath's arrow, Sukhsen Vaid asked Lord ram to bring Sanjeevani herb. For this, Lord Rama chose his devoted devotee Hanuman. On the orders of his Lord Lord Shri ram, Hanuman flew towards Dronagiri mountain to bring Sanjeevani herb.

The self-proclaimed idol of god appeared at this place

While going towards the Himalayas, Lord Hanuman's eyes fell on the sage Yaksha chanting the name of Ram. On this, Hanuman stopped here and met the sage Yaksha and rested. Lord Hanuman promised to meet the sage Yaksha while returning, but while returning, Lord Hanuman got delayed. Due to a lack of time, Lord Hanuman took the shorter route. The sage Yaksha became distraught due to the absence of Lord Hanuman. Due to the distress of the sage Yaksha, Lord Hanuman appeared at this place in the form of a self-proclaimed idol.

Charan Paduka of Lord Hanuman is also present

The self-contained idol of Lord Hanuman and his Charan Paduka are still present in this temple. It is believed that after the appearance of the self-proclaimed idol of Lord Hanuman, Yaksha Rishi got the temple built here. From sage Yaksha the name Yaku and from Yaku the name Jakhu. Today this temple is known as Jakhu temple all over the world.

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