Banaras changed during Modi's ten years of tenure!!!

In the last few years, along with PM Modi, many big personalities including Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, French President Emmanuel Macron, German President Frank Walter have visited Varanasi. Apart from this, the Pravasi Bharatiya Sammelan in 2019, Kashi-Tamil Sangamam in 2023 as well as the six meetings of the recently concluded G-20 conference have increased the prestige of Kashi in the country and the world. Even after so many development works, some problems are still unresolved.

The entire business of Banarasi saree is in the grip of a tremendous recession. It is very important to change the situation because neither the migration of weavers is stopping nor the young generation wants to come here. The real identity of Banarasi saree is not power loom but handlooms, gradually the handlooms made by hand are closing down. It is very important to bring them back, this is the identity of Banaras and the economy of varanasi has been largely dependent on the Banarasi saree business.

It is true that a lot of arrangements have been made for traffic facilities in Banaras, but due to the increased number of tourists inside the city, there is still a huge traffic jam. In such a situation, the need for mono rail and flyovers in many places is being felt very strongly in Kashi. Also, to stop the migration of talent from here, there is a need to establish multi-national companies in Purvanchal at the local level. PM Modi's affection towards Banaras is well known, recently he has said that in these ten years, Banaras has made him a Banarasi. Kashi has once again elected him as its MP, in such a situation, Banaras is hopeful that these problems will also end in the coming five years.

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