How is the election of president done in the party?

On 18 february 2024, a proposal was passed in the National Convention of the bharatiya janata party in delhi regarding the appointment of the National President, according to which the Parliamentary Board will be able to appoint the President if the post of President is vacant. However, in Section-19 of the party's constitution, it is said that many rules have been made for the election of the National President. According to which the National President is selected by the members of the National Council and the State Councils together. The election of the post of President is done according to the rules made by the National Executive of the party.

Essential to become President

To become the President of this party, it is most important that the person filing the nomination has been a primary member of the party for at least 15 years. Apart from this, at least 20 members of the state or national executive can present the name of any person. The constitution of bjp says that the National President can be elected only after the organization elections in at least 50 percent i.e. half the states. This means that the election of the national president of bjp is held only after the organization elections in 15 out of 29 states of the country.

How many times has the election for the post of president been held in bjp so far?

There has not been an election for the post of president in the bharatiya janata party even once so far. In this party, the election for the post of president is called internal democracy and consensus.

Which names are currently being discussed in the race for the post of bjp president?

Many names are being discussed in the political corridors for the post of president of the Bharatiya Janata Party. This list includes tribal leader Faggan Singh Kulaste of Madhya Pradesh, young powerful mp Anurag Thakur of Himachal Pradesh, sunil Bansal who has performed brilliantly as the Uttar Pradesh in-charge in the assembly elections. Apart from this, there is also a discussion that the bharatiya janata party is on a mission to expand in South India. During the campaign for the lok sabha elections, PM Modi had put a lot of emphasis on improving the performance in the states of South India, although if we look at the election results, it did not seem to have any special benefit. In such a situation, it is also being speculated that the party may hand over the responsibility of this top post to a leader from South India. However, it remains to be seen which leader's name the bjp and the Sangh together approve for the post of president.

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