Chandrababu: good news for tdp leaders.. More posts?

AP chief minister Chandrababu Naidu has given good news to the brothers of telugu Desam Party. cm Chandrababu focused on filling nominated posts. It has recently been announced that those who have worked hard for the tdp party will be nominated. Chandrababu, who is hoping to fill the nominated positions without delay like in the past, is taking steps in that direction. Chandrababu made this clear in a teleconference with telugu desam party MPs, ministers, MLAs and key leaders.

Dedicating the success of the alliance to the activists...Chandrababu Naidu announced that he would pay off the debt of the activists who were responsible for the great victory. Chandrababu revealed that the party has the information about who has worked and to what extent the nominated positions will be filled soon. Chandrababu said that there will be encouragement for those who have worked hard... and they have come to power and asked them not to engage in factional activities. Those who did wrong in the previous government will be punished according to the law.

It has been announced that Anna canteens will be renovated in 100 days. Chandrababu made it clear that the seats that were not won in the last 20 years are not a fluke, but a historic verdict given by the people with confidence. It was explained that the alliance achieved a 57 per cent vote share with a 93 per cent straight rate. Chandrababu promised that we should protect the majority given by the people in this election.

He said that I cannot have any barriers between the people... I am giving special thought to receiving the requests of the people for their problems. Babu said that opinions will be taken on how to arrange for the receipt of petitions. He disclosed that he will allocate as much time as possible for receiving public complaints... He will take steps to ensure that there is a specific time for resolving the complaints.

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