Is revanth reddy having trouble with Chandrababu..!?

-Revanth led the party to victory and became the CM.
-Impact of amaravati on hyderabad Real Estate.
-BRS will put revanth reddy in a tight spot.

revanth Reddy's government was formed in telangana six months ago. But the relationship between Chandrababu and revanth reddy is now leading to an interesting discussion. revanth reddy was once a minor leader in the telugu nation. After that, he gradually rose in the party. revanth reddy, who continued in tdp for some years even after the division of the state, joined the congress as he had no political future there. In a short time, chanakya became the president of PCC. He led the party to victory and became the CM.
And in ap, Chandrababu won the last election by fighting hard. He became cm for the fourth time. After all, both Guru's disciples have now become CMs of two telugu states. Generally speaking, this is a favorable aspect for revanth Reddy. Because revanth reddy has good relations with Chandrababu. But if this does not do good for revanth reddy, there are chances of doing bad. Because Chandrababu who came to power in ap now has many responsibilities. Primarily, amaravati should be built magnificently. To bring a boom to amaravati, investors should be attracted. In this process, it seems likely that the media in his favor will make noise that investors are coming to ap from hyderabad as well. If this happens it will be a minus for revanth Reddy.

There are already claims that Chandrababu's victory is having an impact on hyderabad real estate. There is an argument that hyderabad has already developed tremendously under BRS rule. If revanth reddy can't continue it, it will be a big minus for him. If the same jagan had been the cm, revanth reddy would not have had these problems. Now it seems that revanth Reddy's becoming cm has become a problem.

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