Babu should not take debts at all...

- If you have a debt, you have to pay it back.. With grants, you don't have that pain

- As tdp + Jana Sena strength is key, Babu and Pawan should turn the wheel

(Vijayawada - Herald of India)

The center is saying that it will give loans.. The states are asking for grants. And which one is better? If the question arises.. it is better to make grants. In the case of grants, there is no need to repay. States like ap should take the lead in this direction. On the one hand, bihar is also getting ready for this proposal. In the recently held GST Council meeting, Union Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave free advice.

But, states like ap have already turned into piles of debt. If we continue to take debts due to this, we will have to burden the people once again. In this context, more than half of the states do not want to take loans. Also, there is no pressure on the center. They are treating someone's political needs as if they are theirs. bihar is holding back to some extent in this regard.

Because.. bihar is also good for the coalition government at the center. Now the strength of tdp and Jana Sena.. in the context of what the center needs is not loans.. we need to hear the word that grants are important. Why in this matter.. Finance minister Payyavula Keshav could not raise his voice properly in the recently held council meeting. If the center says that we will give loans.. even interest for up to 50 years.. he kept silent.

At the same time, bihar decided that we should not have any debts. However, the Modi government has withdrawn the award of grants in 2020 itself. She started behaving as if anything was fine. bjp was strong at that time, so they behaved like that. But, now that it is a dependent government, if the MPs of AP.. come together with the MPs from Bihar.. if pressure is increased on the Centre.. there will be a chance for grants. If efforts are made in that direction.. there is a possibility that the name of TDP's debt will not be like the name of YCP's debt.

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