Nagababu's huge sacrifice for his brother..!?

- The philosophy of working hard without expecting a position.
- Step forward with the aim of winning.
- nagababu who is half of Pawan Kalyan's win.

 We all know how much the mega family is loved in both the telugu states. Such a family has grown to be a powerful force not only in cinema but also in politics. It can be said that megastar chiranjeevi is the main factor for mega family to reach this level. Not only did he act in movies, but he also rose politically. After founding the praja rajyam party, he led it for a few years and eventually merged the party into the Congress. Pawan Kalyan, who was politically correct at the time when he launched the praja rajyam party, came to the masses by assuming the responsibilities of yuva Rajyam in the praja rajyam Party. Since then he got interested in politics. But after the merger of praja rajyam Congress, he continued to make films for some years. After that, he founded the janasena party and worked hard for a decade. He faced many difficulties to bring the party to power. There were many insults. However, without turning back, Anna nagababu moved forward with support. nagababu used to respond immediately to those who would throw insults at pawan kalyan and give them a counter. In this way, nagababu worked hard for victory. Candidates standing from the janasena and tdp alliance played a leading role in winning all the candidates, even though they had the opportunity to contest according to the party guidelines but did not contest. It can be said that the younger brother stayed with him in pithapuram and met the people every step of the way and played a crucial role in eventually bringing a huge majority to Pawan Kalyan. There have been many reports that nagababu will contest as Anakapalli mp from the janasena party. But as part of the alliance, the seat was allotted to the bjp party till the decision of the party. With this, nagababu dropped out of the competition. However, it can be said that he played a leading role in winning the alliance party without any pain and played an important role in giving his younger brother a wonderful victory.

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