This was the last t20 match for 4 indian players..!?

The t20 world cup held in 2012 was very important. Because this series was held for the first time in the Asian continent. The first series was played in South Africa, the second series was played in england and the third series was played in the West Indies. This is the fourth time this series has been held in Sri Lanka. It was in this series that the west indies won the championship for the first time. And this series became very important for the indian team. This is the last time indian team legends like balaji, Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, and Sehwag played t20 matches. Apart from that, the indian team performed well in this series, but due to the run rate, they were unable to go to the semi-finals. The indian team was placed in Group A in this series. india, england, and afghanistan teams played in this. After defeating afghanistan by 23 runs in the first match, india bowled out england by 80 runs in the second match. The indian team who played first scored 170 runs and the england team scored 80 runs.
Harbhajan Singh conceded 12 runs and took four wickets. This is England's lowest t20 score. With these two wins, the indian team qualified for the Super 8 round. In the Super 8 round, india, who were in Group F, faced australia, pakistan and South Africa. In this, the indian team played the first match against Australia. In this, the indian team scored only 140 runs, which australia achieved in 14.4 overs. Due to this the run rate in india was affected. After this, the teams of india and pakistan clashed. In this pakistan team scored only 128 runs, which india achieved in 17 overs. india won by eight wickets. virat kohli scored 78 runs in this. tamil Nadu player balaji conceded 22 runs and took three wickets. If the indian team had won this match with more balls, it would have helped the run rate higher. Only the last match was very exciting. In this, the indian team may go to the next round even though they have won by more runs. But the indian team won by just one run.  This was the last t20 match played by balaji, Zaheer Khan, Irfan Pathan, and Sehwag. With this, sri lanka, pakistan, and west indies, australia qualified for the knockout round. In this west indies and sri lanka won and progressed to the final round. The fans expected sri lanka to win easily as the west indies scored only 137 runs in the final. But the Sri Lankan team collapsed for 101 runs and lost by 36 runs. With this, west indies won the title. In this series, tamil Nadu cricketer balaji played four matches and took 9 wickets to become the highest wicket-taker for the indian team.

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