Natarajan finds it difficult without knowing Hindi..!?

Tamil Nadu cricketer Natarajan said that he struggled not knowing hindi while playing for the punjab team in the IPL series. Participating in a college program held in Salem, Natarajan spoke to the students on various topics. Speaking about this, he said, first of all, have faith in yourself. If you think we can do it, you certainly can. Born in an ordinary village, he has come this far because of his self-confidence and hard work. Similarly, if you have come to greatness, you should never forget the path you have come through. He has earned so many good hearts because he never forgets to be thankful. His clothes may change. That's because he dresses according to the places he goes. However, he will never forget the fruit. You also inculcate this good character in the college season. Like this, when he first went to the punjab team, he struggled because he didn't know Hindi. He felt lonely there because he didn't know Hindi. In fact, he doesn't know any language other than Tamil. sridhar was the only trainer there who spoke to him in tamil and helped him.
He didn't get tired because he didn't know Hindi. So Natarajan has said that students should learn multiple languages in their youth. This comment on Natarajan has created a lot of discussion on social media. Although Natarajan does not know hindi, many have commented that if he had learned english, even international cricketers could have spoken it. And some players like Natarajan do not know Hindi. But they are commenting that they only spoke in english and thus Natarajan can be learning English.

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