Dating sites can be very risky, particularly if you're a 78-year-old widower who worked as a senior officer for a private corporation before retiring. The "staff" of a dating agency conned the man out of Rs. 1.02 crore. The victim filed a FIR at the Cyber police station in pune after realising his error. When they called the victim in May 2022, the scammers gave their names as Rajat Sinha and Neha Sharma. He would be introduced to women through their dating websites, the pair continued their connection over Whatsapp.

Ironically, the man gave money to the con artists even though they were requesting payment for their services. He was also promised certain "refundable charges" by the team. After May 2022, the victim made several deposits into the accounts that the con artists provided. Both a dating service and a reimbursement were not provided to the victim. Rajat Sinha, Neha Sharma, and other individuals whose bank accounts were utilised for transfers have been accused by the pune police of wrongdoing.

These online dating apps are very fake and people should be cautious before they invest the amount and they shouldn't regret about it later onwards. 

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