Concession on train tickets for people with severe illness..!?

Indian Railways offers 50 to 100 percent of railway fares for patients with serious illnesses. indian Railways is the top fourth largest network in railways in the world. Through this network, 40 million passengers travel daily from one place to another. The indian Railway provides facilities for each class and offers fee concessions to those who need them. Many of us are likely to know that alternatives and senior citizens will get a concession on train travel. But many people do not know that some serious illnesses are also available for train travel. Here we will find out what serious illnesses are and how exempt them. tuberculosis patients are offered a rail fare discount on indian Railways. Such patients will receive a 75 percent discount in first-class AC, second-class AC, and sleepers. The assistant traveling with the patient also gets the offer. If heart patients go for their surgery and kidney patients for kidney transplants or dialysis, they will get a huge discount on railway fare. Such patients get up to 75 percent discount on AC-3, AC chair car, sleeper, second class, and first AC. With the patient, a caregiver also receives the benefit of this exemption
Free ticket for cancer patients!

If you go somewhere for cancer patients, you will get up to 75% discount in the AC chair class. The AC-3 and Sleeper get a 100% offer, that is, their full payment is dismissed. AC first class and second AC classes will get a 50% discount on fees. 50% of the rail fare discount is offered in anemia patients with sleepers, AC chair cars, AC-3, and AC-2 coaches. On the other hand, Asthma patients get offers on tickets for monthly and quarterly treatment in the first and second-class AC.
Offer ticket for leprosy:

The 75% discount on train fare for infected leprosy is given to second, sleeper, and first-class to travel on the railway. At the same time, aids patients are offered up to 50 percent of the second grade when they go to treatment. Patients with hemophilia will get a 75 percent discount on second-class, sleeper, first-class, AC-3, and AC chair car.

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