Allegedly targeting their customers US cell phone maker apple has filed a lawsuit against Israeli NSO maker Pegasus, the world's largest spy software maker. Earlier, Forbidden Stories and Amnesty International, a French non-profit organization, jointly investigated and discovered the glue. It has been revealed that apple iPhones have been widely tapped around the world. Allegations have surfaced that cell phones of journalists, judges, and opposition leaders in india have been hacked using the Pegasus spying software from the Israeli NSO. The issue has paralyzed the parliamentary monsoon session in India.

In this case, the US cell phone company apple is suing the Israeli NSO, the maker of the spy software Pegasus. The company has said it will ban the illegal installation of its processors on iPhones. It also demanded $ 75,000 in damages for their losses.

Apple estimates that there are 1.65 billion devices were in use worldwide, of which one billion are iPhones alone. apple has accused the NSO of conspiring to target its customers. But Israel's NSO has consistently argued that they created the Pegasus only to help governments to detect child sex offenders and terrorists around the world but not for hearing the forbidden stories.

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