The paps' favourite is the actress shilpa Shetty. She smiles broadly for the photographers, but raj Kundra has been hiding his face for some time. raj Kundra ensures that the weird black masks and helmets he is wearing completely enclose his face. Additionally, the photographers adjusted to it. But for how long will he remain silent? Most of the Internet users are trolling him already on social media platforms.

Shilpa Shetty and raj Kundra went out last night for a function and were photographed by the media. shilpa shetty posed for photos with the media while looking stunning in a blue chiffon outfit. However, raj Kundra appeared in a black outfit with a black face shield. His facial covering has drawn attention, and he is the target of internet trolls on social media.

Since being detained in connection with a scheme involving adult movies, raj Kundra has been hiding his face with stylish masks. He was detained by mumbai police in february of this year on suspicion of coercing women into watching pornographic films. They allegedly would promise these aspiring actresses parts in online series, according to the claim. The women would be threatened with exposure on the day of the shoot and the script would be changed. raj Kundra does look good dressed in all black, but how long will he remain hidden by the face shields?

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