Last year, Mahesh Narayanan wrote and directed the film "Malik," in which Fahad Fasil starred. As a result, there were high expectations when word of the "Malik" cast's reunion broke. However, even though Sajimon prabhakar is directing, Mahesh Narayanan joined the project as a writer and cinematographer. Let's see what the "Fahad-Mahesh" combo had in store.

The plot centres on Anil Kumar (Fahad Fazil), a part-time electrician in a village who lives with his mother and has become irritable due to a past setback. When a disaster strikes the community, his routine existence takes an unexpected turn, and what happens next is a survival thriller. Did Anil survive? What issue from his history led to his current state of rage? You must see the film to find out the answers to all of these queries.

Without a doubt, Fahad steals the show; he is the film's greatest asset. Mahesh Narayanan created a character for Fahad that is an ordinary man with interesting traits, and Fahad owns it like no other actor could. However, if Mahesh Narayanan had focused more on creating compelling drama, particularly in the survival part of the story, the film might have been more compelling.

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