However, everyone was eagerly awaiting the response from Jr. ntr, a well-known tollywood icon who is regarded as a close clone of his grandfather. Jr. ntr finally posted a message on twitter that seemed overly conciliatory after keeping silent for a day. "NTR and ysr are both outstanding leaders who have attracted a sizable following of the populace. This practise of omitting one leader's name and substituting the other won't win any respect and won't help ysr gain more respect or ntr lose it, he wrote in a telugu tweet.

He continued, "One cannot erase the respect and reputation won by ntr, his place in the history of telugu land, and his memory in the hearts of telugu people, by altering the name of the university. The remark made it evident that Jr. ntr is reluctant to criticise the jagan government for deciding to rebrand ntr University as ysr University.

On the other hand, it appears as though Jr. ntr intends to give ysr and ntr similar weight. Additionally, he doesn't want to make any demands for the legislation's repeal; all he says is that his grandfather's reputation wouldn't be affected. Jr. ntr has previously made similar diplomatic statements. Even though there were vocal protests from ntr family members against the alleged disparaging statements made by ysr Congress party members toward Nara Bhuvaneshwari, the wife of Naidu and NTR's daughter, Jr. ntr refrained from launching an aggressive campaign against the YSRC.

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