The US embassy in moscow has asked American citizens who are already living in russia to leave the country as soon as possible, citing the potential for russia to enlist dual nationals for military service. An advisory published on the embassy's website warned that "Russia may refuse to accept dual nationals' US citizenship, limit them access to US consular aid, prevent their departure from russia, and conscript dual nationals for military duty."

"US citizens should not travel to russia, and those already there should leave the country as soon as possible while there are still some commercial travel choices available," it continued. The warning was sent about a week after russia declared a limited mobilisation in the midst of the crisis with Ukraine.

The warning was issued exactly one week after Putin hinted at using nuclear weapons and declared an intensification of Russia's conflict in ukraine on september 21. Following Putin's declaration, thousands of Russians left the nation recently. The embassy advised Americans to make independent travel plans "as soon as feasible" because there aren't many commercial aeroplane choices, but there are still available overland vehicle and bus routes. The embassy stated that it only has a few choices to assist Americans in russia, and those options "may suddenly become even more constrained."

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