After receiving a rare condition called myositis as a diagnosis, actress samantha is recovering. Her body is allegedly responding favourably to the Ayurvedic care she is receiving from a nearby Ayurvedic physician. Four months ago, samantha received her auto immune illness diagnosis. She received treatment in the US before leaving and coming back. After that, she received care in a hospital in Hyderabad.

After these therapies, her recovery was practically complete. The most recent Ayurvedic therapy, though, focuses on long-term immunity recovery. Earlier, trisha did this treatment for her recovery and even the videos of her getting massage went viral on several social media networks. Now, samantha does the same thing and she has gone to Kumarakom in Kerala.

Our sources indicate that she will be back at work in 10 to 15 days. In the meantime, "Kushi" will start up again during the first week of December. The project will be initiated by Vijay Deverakonda. Later, samantha will join the group. In the film Kashmir, samantha and vijay deverakonda play two young people who meet and fall in love. We need to wait and see if sam recovers completely and comes back in new shine! 

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