Godfather, megastar Chiranjeevi's most recent theatrical movie, performed poorly at the box office. Even while there was a fair lot of discussion about the movie, the collections—with the exception of the first weekend—didn't reflect it. What's more unexpected is that the Godfather team has been working to establish the film's viability from day one. We are well aware that the acharya movie, which was released this summer, was a complete failure commercially.

Therefore, chiranjeevi and his core crew are now determined to make the Godfather movie a comeback success for the Megastar. Even inflated data are being used to portray the movie as a success. The godfather's ultimate worldwide box office receipts are estimated to be in the range of 100 crores, however ram charan has stated a far higher figure. Charan revealed the film's box office figures because konidela production company produced it. He claimed that despite receiving a lot of OTT viewing, the movie did reasonably well. He estimates that it earned between Rs 145 and Rs 150 crore at the box office. During his one-on-one interview with Hindustan Times in Delhi, Charan made these remarks.

Yes, we will lose a significant portion of the audience who watched the original movie on OTT. It's possible that viewers won't want to see the remake in a theatre. Even though they had seen, perhaps the star's charisma and star power would have persuaded them to return to theatres. But will that method always be effective? No, I'd reply. I'm not sure if I'd keep making so many remakes, he admitted.

It's good that he has realised that remakes are no longer secure. He should pay particular attention to providing accurate box office statements. Giving inflated figures won't help him or his films, whether they are his films or his father's films that he is producing.

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