Today in Kuppam, TDP's nara lokesh launched his massive walkathon, Yuvagalam, and it certainly got off to an exciting start. A sizable audience of people of all ages attended the yatra. At the public meeting, lokesh was also at his most combative because he avoided detours and spoke directly to the issue. lokesh slammed the YSRCP administration for failing to implement the work calendar jagan made before assuming office. He talked about Jagan's strategy of destruction and the lack of investments in the state.

With regard to the price increases, increased taxes, prohibition, etc., lokesh called the government out on it. More significantly, lokesh came across as quite confident and at ease during his speech. He stayed on topic and posed direct queries to the administration that captured the mood of the populace. Another thing to note is that lokesh didn't just read everything off the paper.

Without looking at the page, he came up with an ardent speech. Thus, it had a greater impact. This has given Lokesh's yatra the motivation it needed and set the stage for the protracted conflict that will follow. This yatra can turn out to be the major deal for tdp in the upcoming election because lokesh is predicted to only get better from here on.

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