After all the buzz, pawan kalyan has finally released another new movie. To the delight of fans, this will be directed by none other than Sujith reddy of saaho and Run raja Fame and will be titled "Original Gangster." Fans have been alarmed by a rumour that has been circulating regarding #OG for the past two days.

Fans were initially concerned that #OG would be another remake film, but Sujith has disproved their claims with the announcement and the posters, which boldly assert that it is an original plot. Following the debunking of such rumour, it was revealed that neither combat scenes nor dance numbers will feature pawan kalyan in this film. The lack of fights and songs made fans fear once more that the movie wouldn't be successful at B&C theatres.

Sources close to the producers, however, have said today that these are simply rumours. There will be around six songs in the movie, which features two famous heroines. If we may say, the film will be just another enormous nuclear version of panjaa and saaho with plenty of commercial scenes. As a result, supporters need not be concerned about the rumours. The big concern is when will #OG go to sets and whether it will be finished before the 2024 elections. pawan kalyan hasn't finished hari Hara Veera Mallu yet and has committed to playing Harish Shankar's Ustaad Bhagat Singh later. We must remark that the prospects are now remote.

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