There has been a lot of talk regarding the box office potential of Nani's "Dasara" ever since the film's rough and intense teaser was released. And now that the teaser has been released, ace producer dil raju has already made his "mega" move after assessing the strength of the content. dil raju has decided to play it safe with the film "Dasara" after his most recent release varasudu underperformed at the box office and Shaakuntalam was once more delayed.

According to a rumour that is now making the rounds, dil raju has placed a significant wager on "Dasara" for the Telugu-speaking states, paying the filmmakers a staggering 28 crores to control the theatrical rights. When it comes to telugu states, Nani's previous film Ante Sundaraniki was sold for 22 crores, but dil raju is confident that dasara will gross astronomically high sums despite the talk about its heavy subject matter. Large distributors like Anil Thadani in bollywood brought the movie because they were confident it would be a hit on the big screen.

This is a significant move for nani because the teaser alone helped the movie sell like hotcakes. The expenditure for the movie is substantial, but the producers will be able to recoup every cent because the satellite and OTT streaming rights will also bring in huge sums of money. Other films releasing around dasara now need to exercise a little caution due to dil Raju's large bet, since everyone is aware of how aggressively the producer prepares things.

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