Undavalli sridevi, a suspended member of the ysr congress party from the Tadikonda assembly district, is rumoured to be undecided about her future political aspirations and which party she ought to ally with to maintain her political career. Since sridevi supported the tdp candidate in the MLC elections, the ysr congress party leadership assumes that she would naturally move to the TDP. This conviction is supported by the fact that she expressed support for the farmers in Amaravati.

But according to the most recent sources, sridevi is thinking of joining the Jana Sena party, which is led by Pawan Kalyan, a powerful actor. According to reports, she did just that by sending cues to the Jana Sena party hierarchy. According to sources, sridevi made this choice in response to rumours of a coalition between the tdp and Jana Sena. Tadikonda might be given to Jana Sena as part of the seat-sharing agreement.

Tadikonda, although being a reserved seat, receives a sizable number of votes—roughly 15,000 Kapu ballots. sridevi had trouble winning over the Kapu voter base in the most recent elections in 2019 and only managed to secure 10,000 votes from them. Sridevi's husband, Dr. Sridhar, revealed that she won with a margin of about 4,000 votes. Given that the YSRC is unlikely to receive many votes, sridevi might very well gain a significant portion of the Kapu votes if she joins the Jana Sena. The issue is that throughout these days, sridevi has been harshly criticising pawan kalyan and the Jana Sena Party. She even went so far as to refer to pawan kalyan as a part-time politician with no support among the populace.

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