A vineyard in Kudalur bordering Theni district has been converted into a tourist spot. As it has attracted many people, many tourists from kerala and other regions are visiting the garden.

Idukki district of kerala is located near Theni district. Thekkady here is a popular tourist destination. The arrival of domestic and foreign tourists continues to increase due to the pleasant climate with cool weather for several months of the year. The kerala government is showing initiative in developing these areas as the trade of the region is dependent on tourism.

Cultural programs: Various entertainment and cultural programs like trekking, green walk, jeep and elephant ride, valley view and Kalari, Kathakali are also organized for this purpose. Boats are also operated at Thekkady for tourists.

Kerala tourism sector is also showing initiative in developing new tourist destinations. For this, arrangements have been made to see and enjoy the tourist areas in package mode.

Travel Agents: Charges from Rs.1,000 to Rs.10,000 depending on the sights. It now also includes vineyards in Kudalur, bordering Theni district.

For this, tourist agents are appointed in Thekkady and from there they bring many tourists here. A lot of changes have been made to this garden where the grapes hang in bunches. There are plenty of seats to relax and take photos.

Tourists can buy grapes and bottled grape juice. Grape vines are also sold here. No entry fee is charged for this. The number of visitors has increased tremendously as this vineyard tour attracts many people.

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