Another unexpected development has taken place in the Ukraine-Russia war that has been going on for a few months. In the background of recent developments, it was thought that there is a danger of exploding a huge dam in Ukraine. Accordingly, today (Tuesday) in the early morning, the 'Nova Kakhovka' dam on the Dnieper River was blown up.

Due to this, the water is coming down like a flood. The people in the surrounding areas are being evacuated on a war footing. 30 km to Kherson in southern Ukraine. This remote dam is said to be strategically important. The size of this dam is 30 meters high and hundreds of meters long. It was built in 1956 as part of the Kakhovka Hydropower Station. This reservoir has a storage capacity of 18 cubic kilometers of water.

The water in it is said to be equal to the water in the Great salt Lake. Due to the explosion of this dam, the electricity problems in ukraine will increase. For the past few months, large-scale attacks have been taking place near this dam. ukraine is accusing russia of blasting the dam, but russia is saying that it is not the case. russia is describing this blast as a terrorist attack.

 It is expected that the flood will inundate the low-lying areas in Kherson in the next five hours. Thousands of lives are said to be in danger due to the explosion of this dam. Officials are asking people to evacuate their areas by taking essential items along with electronic items, emergency items, etc. The Ukrainian authorities describe the explosion of the dam as an act of environmental destruction.

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