India-Canada conflict ignites…!? America added to that…!?

 The US  expressed concern over the Canadian Prime Minister's accusations against india in the Nijjer murder case.

 Nijjar murder case:

Nijjar, a Khalistan supporter, was killed by unknown persons in Canada. Regarding this issue, prime minister Justin Trudeau said that the indian government has a role in the Nijjar murder case and the government should cooperate in the investigation. The indian government completely denied the allegations and also issued a harsh rebuke to Canada. In this case, the demand for an official investigation of this matter becomes stronger and stronger.
 The united states calls for cooperation in the investigation:

 The U.S. government said Canada's investigation into Nijjar's murder should continue and  the perpetrator should be punished. Spokesperson for the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Matthew Miller, said he was deeply concerned by the accusations made by Canadian prime minister Trudeau. They kept in close contact with their Canadian friends. They believe it is essential that canada continues to investigate and bring perpetrators  to justice. And they called on the indian government – publicly and privately – to cooperate with the Canadian investigation.

 Canadian prime minister Trudeau  said  he had claimed, based on  information provided by allies and intelligence agencies, that india was involved in the Nijjar killings. Meanwhile, a prominent daily in the country recently reported that it was the united states that informed canada that india was involved in the Nijjar murder. It was also reported that the Biden government concealed the provision of intelligence to canada because the US was improving  good relations with India. In doing so, the united states,  the main actor behind Canada's allegations against india, is now calling on india to cooperate with the investigation.

India-Canada clash:

 Meanwhile, the conflict between the indian and Canadian governments  continues to escalate over the Najjar murder case. Senior consular officials from both countries were also  expelled and  visa operations were restricted. The Canadian government says it has provided enough evidence to support the claims. He also invited india to cooperate. At the same time, india  accused canada of being a haven for terrorists. Meanwhile, a ruling party MP said  Hindus in canada are being threatened and temples are being damaged. However, indians living there say such a situation does not exist in Canada.

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