After trisha krishnan replied to actor Mansoor ali Khan's abusive and sexist rape comment about her, the actor sent a written statement about the entire ordeal and did not even use it as an apology. The newly issued statement contains an unduly elaborate and deceptive explication of whatever he said, and while it is close to the actor's own style and personality, it does not constitute a thorough statement, let alone an appropriate apology.

Mansoor ali Khan's most recent remark has only portrayed himself as a victim of free expression in this country. The actor has since clarified that he was promoting his forthcoming picture and that the media had twisted his statement to say something he did not mean. He went on to clarify that he has performed in such close quarters with women before her in many films and had situations when he was associated with them, and that his statements were solely about that.
He went on to clarify that he is not a pervert and that his daughter likes Trisha. He went on to say that he has appeared in 360 films and has always appreciated his co-stars. Furthermore, many have seen this message as a meaningless speech by the actor, offering no consolation or apologies to the woman.

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