The UN said sunday that Palestinian doctors evacuated 31 preterm newborns from Gaza City's war-torn Al-Shifa hospital in a high-risk operation and that patients and staff who remained there will also be moved. The World health Organisation (WHO) labelled Gaza's main hospital as a "death zone" after sending a team to inspect it on Saturday.

According to Mohammed Zaqut, Gaza's director general of hospitals, "all 31 premature babies in Al-Shifa hospital... have been evacuated" and "preparations are underway" for them to enter Egypt.

The infants were transferred in ambulances by the Palestinian red Crescent Society to a hospital in southern Gaza for assessment and treatment, according to the WHO, with 11 in critical condition.

According to doctors, "all the babies are fighting serious infections due to lack of medical supplies and impossibility to continue infection control measures in Al-Shifa Hospital", according to the report.

None were accompanied by family members because the health ministry in Gaza was unable to identify them, and two newborns died at Al-Shifa while awaiting transfer, it claimed. The army claims Hamas utilizes Al-Shifa Hospital as a base, and it has become a focal area for Israeli operations. The claims have been refuted by Hamas and medical personnel.

Israel is attempting to exterminate the Hamas terrorists responsible for the horrific october 7 attacks, which Israeli officials claim killed about 1,200 people, largely civilians, and took 240 hostages.

According to Hamas officials, Israel's continuous military assault has killed at least 13,000 people in Gaza, predominantly civilians, with over 5,500 of them being children. More than 250 patients and 20 health workers were still at Al-Shifa and plans were being made to evacuate them, the WHO statement said, but it would take "several days" to do so completely.

"Priority will be given to the 22 dialysis patients and 50 patients with spinal injuries," it added.

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