On Sunday, israel escalated its charges of Hamas atrocities at the Gaza Strip's main hospital, alleging a prisoner soldier had been killed and two international captives were being kept at a place that has been a focal point of its catastrophic six-week-long war. Al Shifa Hospital, which formerly housed tens of thousands of Palestinian war refugees, has begun evacuating patients and staff since Israeli commandos stormed in last week on what they termed a mission to find covert Hamas operations.

Israel is also looking for 240 persons whom Hamas abducted to Gaza during the october 7 cross-border attack that triggered the war. One of these was Noa Marciano, a 19-year-old Israeli army recruit whose body was discovered near Shifa last week. Hamas said she was killed in an Israeli air strike and released a video showing her body, unmarked save for a head wound. According to the Israeli military, a forensic assessment revealed that she suffered non-life-threatening injuries as a result of the hit.

"According to intelligence information - solid intelligence information - Noa was abducted inside the walls of Shifa hospital by Hamas terrorists." "She was murdered there by a Hamas terrorist," stated top spokesperson Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari. He didn't go into detail. In his televised briefing, Hagari stated that among the foreign workers apprehended in the Oct. 7 operation were a Nepalese and a Thai. He didn't identify the two captives.

To the dismay of medical professionals, a CCTV footage published by Hagari appeared to show a gang of guys frog-marching one individual into a hospital. A second video showed an injured guy being carried on a trolley. Another man in civilian clothing nearby held an assault weapon. Hamas did not respond quickly to Hagari's allegations. The Palestinian Islamist group that rules Gaza has previously stated that it had sent several hostages to hospitals for treatment.

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