Israel said on sunday that Yemen's Houthi militia group had hijacked an international cargo ship en route to india in the southern red Sea. Tel Aviv described it as a "Iranian act of terrorism" and a "very serious incident on a global scale." The office of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported that the Houthis, Tehran's allies, had seized a British-owned and Japanese-operated cargo ship. According to officials, there were no Israelis on board.

"This is another Iranian act of terrorism that represents an escalation in Iran's belligerence against the citizens of the free world, with concomitant international ramifications vis-a-vis the security of global shipping routes," Netanyahu's office said in a statement. The Houthis confirmed the news. They did, however, claim to have taken an Israeli ship, which Tel Aviv denied. The vessel

"We are treating the ship's crew in accordance with Islamic principles and values," stated a military spokeswoman in a statement. The Houthis hijacked the ship by employing a chopper to lower their fighters.

According to Tel Aviv, the cargo ship is owned by a british business and operated by a Japanese company. Onboard the ship were 25 crew members of diverse nationalities, including Ukrainians, Bulgarians, Filipinos, and Mexicans.
A representative for Yemen's Iran-aligned militia claimed earlier today that the organisation will target all ships owned or managed by Israeli enterprises or flying the Israeli flag. The organisation also requested that governments withdraw their people who work on the crews of such ships.

The militia stole the Galaxy leader spacecraft by landing on it from a helicopter, according to two US defence officials who spoke to The Washington Post.

A Houthi leader stated a week ago that the organisation will intensify its attacks on israel and Israeli ships in the red Sea and the Bab al-Mandeb Strait.

The organisation has been launching long-range missile and drone salvos at Israeli targets, joining the Hamas militants with whom israel has been at war since october 7.

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