National Endangered Species Day - significance!!!

Many species have disappeared from this planet over time. One of the urgent problems that has caused the extinction of several species is human activity. There are already many endangered species. It is our duty to protect those species and make sure they have a thriving environment. The natural equilibrium of the world is upset each time a species goes extinct. Recognizing the value of every species and providing a healthy home for them is crucial. National Endangered Species Day is marked annually to raise awareness of the effects of human activity on endangered species and the actions that may be taken to protect them.

Date: May 3rd is National Endangered Species Day. It is observed annually on this Friday. The date of this year's National Endangered Species Day is May 17.

History: In order to encourage people to support the safety and conservation of endangered species, David Robinson and the Endangered Species Coalition founded National Endangered Species Day in 2006. The day is observed annually. Forty per cent of the planet's animals, insects, and plants are in danger of going extinct, according to the international Union for Conservation of Nature.

Significance: Celebrate Saving Species is this year's National Endangered Species Day theme. "Wildlife refuges, gardens, schools, libraries, museums, community organizations, NGOs, and private citizens will all host unique programs or events on Endangered Species Day in 2024. people engage in these and other activities all across the world," the Endangered Species Coalition stated on their official website. This day serves as a call to action to lessen the careless human behavior that endangers species and to increase mindfulness in order to support the health of the environment and endangered species.


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