Kurnool assembly Division  Result fully favours TDP..!?

-TG Bharat contesting on behalf of tdp is a plus for TDP.

-TG Bharat is a local candidate and is always available to the people. 

-Bharat has a 99 percent chance of winning.


Kurnool assembly is the answer to the question of which of the 14 constituencies in the combined kurnool district is the only constituency where the tdp will definitely win. It seems that TG Bharat contesting on behalf of tdp in this assembly constituency is a plus for TDP. It is noteworthy that it is also revealed in the surveys that tdp will definitely win in kurnool district. Apart from promoting the manifesto of TG Bharat Kutami, he also said how he intends to develop the kurnool district if he wins as MLA. TG Bharat is also heard in the political circles to advertise that he is a local candidate and is always available to the people. TG Bharat established some industries locally and gave jobs to many people.


TG Bharat has a good name in the district. It seems that TG Bharat has great plans to develop kurnool as a smart city. While Imtiaz contested from ycp, compared to TG Bharat, the people of the district do not know much about him. Comments show that TG Bharat has a 99 percent chance of winning. TG Bharat family members have set up mineral water plants in some parts of the district to benefit the people.


TG Bharat is confident that he will win with a huge majority in the results that will come out on june 4. There are also comments that cross-voting took place in Kurnool. It is noteworthy that the mla vote was polled for tdp candidate TG Bharat and the mp vote for ycp candidate B Y Ramaiah. To know whether this campaign is true or not, we have to wait for the results to come out.

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