Gossip is rampant in Tollywood, and the newest rumor is that hero Ram's relationship with his uncle Sravanti Ravikishore is tense. Sravanti Ravikishore, who was instrumental in beginning and fostering Ram's career, has been an unwavering supporter, picking screenplays and finalizing projects for him.
Ram hasn't had many hits lately. After ismart shankar failed three times in a row. Currently, Double iSmart is experiencing delays.
Rumors also claim that Ram's demand for high pay is causing problems, but that is an other issue.
Amidst this, there are rumors that Sravanti Ravikishore is pulling away from Ram's ventures.

When contacted with stories, he allegedly tells them to contact ram personally, noting that ram loves high-octane action screenplays.
There are suggestions that Sravanti Ravikishore is now staying away from Ram's problems.
However, when PR circles were approached, they denied any schism, indicating that ram and Ravikishore continue to meet often and that everything is good.
Another rumour going around is that ram has been appearing abnormally dull recently, albeit the reason is unknown.
This, too, has been rejected by their supporters, who maintain that everything is on track and there is no need for fear.

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