Artificial intelligence, the world economy, security and defence, and the continuing battles in Gaza and ukraine were the main topics of discussion during the G7 conference in Italy. However, the actual G7 proclamation, which was released to the public on Friday, included no mention of LGBTQ problems or abortion rights. 

According to The Guardian, Italy's far-right government, led by prime minister Giorgia Meloni, disputed that the G7 declaration's references to abortion and the LGBTQ community had been eliminated. It should be mentioned that during last year's G7 conference in Japan, both of these allusions were mentioned in the statement.

The protection of the LGBTQ community's "gender identity and sexual orientation" was not included in the statement released on june 13, the first day of the summit. The proclamation also omitted the phrase "abortion." The G7 leaders committed to ensuring that women had "universal access to adequate, affordable, and quality health services for women, including comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights for all," even though abortion was not included in the declaration.

The G7 leaders pledged last year to include "access to safe and legal abortion" in Japan's women's healthcare system. Bloomberg was the first to report on the loss of abortion rights and LGBTQ rights, and they connected it to Pope Francis's attendance at the G7 meeting.
Meloni's office was quoted in The Guardian as saying, "There is no basis for the Bloomberg report that suggested that any mention of LGBT rights will be eliminated from the final G7 communiqué. This rebuilding is absolutely denied by the Italian president [of the G7].

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