It is well known that with the recent outcomes of the andhra pradesh election, astrologer venu Swamy, who rose to fame through predictions about films and politics, has met his demise. Even though venu Swamy kept guessing what phrase jagan Mohan reddy would use, his predictions would always come up empty. After being reduced to only eleven members out of the 175 seats in the ap Assembly, jagan suffered a humiliating loss.
Venu Swamy apologised in a video shortly after the early trends on Counting Day for his incorrect prediction. Additionally, he said that he would no longer be making political forecasts. After that, he vanished from sight and did not participate in any interviews. He was seen in a Hyderabadi bar today. A video of venu Swamy chatting with someone in a jubilee hills bar was uploaded by a netizen. The video is going viral on social media.

Popular telugu state astrologer venu Swamy said on tuesday that he will no longer be making political and personal celebrity predictions following his incorrect forecast during the andhra pradesh Assembly elections. The astrologer posted a video on instagram in which he stated that he makes predictions based on a person's horoscope, which might occasionally be inaccurate. In addition, he stated that although his forecast of Jagan's win was incorrect, Modi's support had dropped in the middle as he had stated.


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