Autistic Pride Day: Listen to Autistic Voices!!!

Each year on Autistic Pride Day, individuals with autism come together to celebrate. This day honors the significance of pride for people with autism and its function in fostering positive societal change. Autistic people, their families, and allies get together to celebrate the skills, traits, and unique perspectives of those on the autism spectrum. It celebrates the achievements and contributions of autistic persons in a range of areas while promoting inclusivity, equality, and respect for autistic voices. The day strives to empower, uplift, and unite the autistic population in order to make society more inclusive and hospitable for all.

Theme and Date of 2024's Autism Pride Day

People celebrate Autism Pride Day on june 18, which falls on a tuesday this year, every year. "Taking the Mask Off," this year's theme, highlights the importance of recognizing one's natural preferences, actions, and ways of interacting with the outside world. people with autism are encouraged to be themselves and to defy social pressure to hide who they really are by this topic, which is powerful and liberating.

The Autism history In 2024, Pride Day

In 2005, Aspies For Freedom (AFF) celebrated Autistic Pride Day for the first time. In honor of the youngest member of the group's birthday at the time, they chose june 18. The AFF based the event on the gay pride movement. Co-founder of Autism Rights Group Highland (ARGH), Kabie Brook, emphasizes that the day is a grassroots autistic community event that was started and is still run by autistic individuals themselves, rather than a platform for other charities or organizations to promote themselves or overshadow autistic voices. The rainbow infinity sign, which stands for "diversity with infinite variations and infinite possibilities," is used to symbolize this day.

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